Ali Behdad

Departments of Comparative Literature and English

European Representation of the Middle East, Victorian Novel and Travel Literature, US Immigration History, 19th Century Photography of/in the Middle East

Victor Bascara

Department of Asian American Studies

Asian American cultural politics, United States colonialism and imperialism (esp. 1898-present), American literature (late 19th c. to present), Critical race studies, Gender and sexuality, Popular culture

Lia Brozgal

Department of French & Francophone Studies

20th and 21st century French and Francophone literatures, The North African novel in French, Judeo-Maghrebi literature, Beur culture and Literature

Keith L. Camacho

Department of Asian American Studies

American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Indigenous Studies, Micronesian Studies, Pacific Islands Studies


Elizabeth DeLoughrey

Department of English

Globalization and Environmental Studies, Diaspora and Indigenous Studies, Caribbean Literatures, Pacific Island Literatures, Critical Race and Gender Studies


Barbara Fuchs

Departments of English & Spanish and Portuguese

Early Modern English and Spanish literature  |  Mediterranean and transatlantic studies  |  Race and religion in the early modern world

Nouri Gana

Department of Comparative Literature

Comparative Arab, modernist and postcolonial studies. Psychoanalysis, deconstruction and narrative poetics

Mishuana Goeman

Department of Gender Studies

Native American Literature, 20th Century American Literature, Race and Ethnic Theory

Yogita Goyal

Department of English

Black Atlantic/Black Diaspora studies, African American studies, slavery studies, novel, nationalism

Marissa K. Lopez

Department of English

Chicana/o literature; postcoloniality in the United States and Latin America; the intersection of transnational studies, Chicana/o nationalism, and global racialization

Saree Makdisi

Department of English

18th and 19th-century British literature and imperial culture, cultural politics of the contemporary Arab world, Palestine

Mellon Seminar: The Atlantic Imagination in the Age of Romanticism

Jorge Marturano

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Latin American and Caribbean literature and cultural studies, Cuban literature and intellectual history, culture and politics in Latin America

Juan Sanchez

Department of English

Global Nineteenth Century; Transatlantic Literary Studies; and 19th century Anglo-Hispanic Literary Culture.

Jenny Sharpe

Department of English

18th and 19th century British Imperial Culture, Caribbean Literature, Gender Studies

Shu-mei Shih

Department of Comparative Literature

Modern and contemporary Chinese literature, sinophone literature, Asian American literature, literary theory, feminism, Marxism, and transnational studies.

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities: Cultures in Transnational Perspective

Zrinka Stahuljak

Department of French & Francophone Studies

Medieval romance, historiography, and poetry; history of sexuality; medieval Mediterranean; Middle Ages and the nineteenth century; medieval translation theory; translation studies

Mellon Seminar Mediterranean Studies: East and West at the Center, 1050-1600

Dominic Thomas

Department of French & Francophone Studies

Immigration policy in France and the European Union, French politics, African politics, African literature